10 Characteristics of a Trustworthy Orlando SEO Company

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Finding a SEO company that offers quality services at a reasonable rate is crucial to the success of your small- or medium-sized business, but it is equally important to find an Orlando SEO company you can trust. There is a good deal of trust that inherently goes into the client-provider relationship when you choose to partner with an SEO company. You have to trust that your chosen agency is providing you with honest quotes, quality work and knows the latest search trends. This article will discuss the 10 characteristics you can use to vet a trustworthy SEO firm in Orlando.

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Comprehensive Strategy

While some digital marketing companies focus on a few specific tools, a trustworthy company uses a diverse approach to SEO strategies and tools to promote your brand. Look for an agency that has in-house capabilities for a variety of marketing strategies, from social media to AdWords.


Any SEO firm worthy of your trust operates on the principle of transparency, openly sharing its intentions, strategy for growing your brand and success metrics. A firm that is unwilling to show you even the most basic return on investment metrics is one to avoid.

Integrative Practices

Look for an SEO agency that is willing to become part of your team rather than accepting work at a distance. SEO success requires in-depth knowledge of what you are promoting, so agencies that are willing to become invested in a client’s business have an advantage.


It may seem to go without saying, but consistency is one of the most important characteristics you can look for in a digital marketing agency. A firm that claims to produce streamlined responsive websites but has a website that has not been updated in years is not one you should trust with your business.

Current Knowledge

Few industries are as responsive to trends as digital marketing, and what worked to get your website to the top of Google’s search results last month may not work tomorrow. It is vital to work with an SEO company that is constantly learning as search and social media trends change. Keep an eye on a company’s blog to determine whether they are staying on top of current digital marketing trends.

Physical Location

While having a physical location is not always a sign of untrustworthiness, businesses with a strong presence in the Orlando community generally have more accountability.

Client Selectivity

Be wary of any SEO company that will work with any client who is willing to pay them. A trustworthy company will first ask questions about your business and your needs to determine if their services are a good match. Trustworthy companies are willing to turn away business if it means not turning out sub-par work.

KPI Reports

SEO firms that shy away from objective measures of data, such as KPIs, should send up a red flag. Trustworthy firms are proud of their successful metrics and use them to improve the quality of service they provide for each client.


If you ask for a price estimate, you deserve an honest answer. Likewise, an honest marketing agency will tell you if it would be cheaper to have your team do a specific project. Trustworthy agents understand that their best interests lie in looking out for your best interests.

Long-Term Planning

Digital marketing is not something you can simply navigate through intuition alone. A responsible digital marketing firm has a plan laid out for your company that is structured enough to provide guidance and flexible enough to adapt.