Best Solutions to Remove TheAdBlock Efficiently and Completely

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When you notice that lots of “Ads by TheAdBlock” ads pop up in your browser pages, it only means that your computer is attacked by an adware. If you are looking for an effective solution, follow our adware removal guide in this article.

What is TheAdBlock?

TheAdBlock is classified as an adware that is able to occupy common web browsers including Chrome, IE, Firefox, and Edge. As an ad-supported program, there is no doubt that this invader displays ads. Nevertheless, the longer it stays on the affected computer the more troubles it will cause.


How does this application travel?

TheAdBlock is an adware that is classified as a potentially unwanted program (PUP) as well. The reason for such classification is the application of unfair distribution tactics, namely ‘bundling.’ In other words, this adware can be bundled with other free software. Thus, keeping in mind that people are not prone to the attentive installation of freewares, TheAdBlock, and other unwanted apps have great possibilities to end up on people’s web browsers.

What is the purpose of TheAdBlock?

TheAdBlock is used for affiliate marketing. The main purpose of this app is to inject user’s web browsers with third-party advertisements and collect as many clicks as possible. This way, it generates income via the pay-per-click system, boosts traffic to affiliate websites, promote certain items, services, and so on. Online marketing is unavoidable these days; however, the core difference is between safe and unsafe advertising.

How does TheAdBlock adware works?

Once running into your computer, secret changes will be made on your browser settings. Then TheAdBlock creates a scheduled task in Windows startup and launches as soon as you opens the web browser. Consequently, you may start seeing pop-up and banner ads. They may exhibit price comparisons, inform about recent discounts, coupons, software updates, and so on. However, none of the TheAdBlock ads are checked, what means that clicking on them is not safe. In the worst case scenario, you may be rerouted to third-party websites that spread other PUPs, illegal domains, including casino, suspicious surveys, adult content domains, and so on.


Moreover, TheAdBlock is able to spy on your PC, so as to steal your private information, such as bank account details. Therefore, in order to prevent greater damages, you are strongly advised to uninstall TheAdBlock from your computer as soon as possible.

How to remove TheAdBlock?

If you still need help on removing TheAdBlock from IE, Chrome, Firefox and Edge, perform exactly the steps mentioned in the below link will be helpful. Please, follow the procedures in the exact order. Please, consider to print this guide or have another computer at your disposal. You will not need any USB sticks or CDs. Read more here: